Art at Seehotel Schlierseer Hof

It all started with a crazy idea. For the Walter's am See opening in summer 2020, art was to become a defining element of the area. An artist was found who embellished the area with contemporary art. We quickly noticed how positively our guests perceived the art, so the vision was born to integrate more art into the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof. 

The idea arose to cooperate with the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and to give talents from the region a platform.

Their art has since been exhibited in our house and can be purchased if interested.

Maria Braune


The trained wood sculptor studied free art/sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, graduating in 2017.

Braune visualises human needs such as desires and fears with the help of an experimentally researched glue mixture, paper, foils and fabrics.





Nadine Becker


May I introduce myself? I am Nadine.

My form of art is like poetry, expressing emotions and feelings in colours rather than words, and I would like to invite everyone to join me on a journey into a world that exists only in the imagination. Dive into the sea of whimsical impressions and captivating colours.

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Leon Buchner

After graduating from high school in 2018, he will study at the University of Fine Arts in Munich. He was part of the group exhibition at Kunstpavillon München, as well as exhibiting at the 'broke today' collective at Kaufingerpassage. In 2021 Buchner will exhibit his art at the opening of the offspace 'Postamt'.




Roman Toulany


The screenwriter and film director is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

He is currently participating in the exhibition at the Federal Ministry of Culture in Bavaria with the large-format painting 'VIRUS' and is planning a duo exhibition in Vienna and another exhibition in Berlin.




Jonas Pretterer

The trained master wood sculptor has been studying art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and free art with Professor Pia Fries since 2015.

Most recently, his art was exhibited at Koller Kautionen in Munich.




Anna Pasco


The master student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and alumnus of the Art University in Barcelona has received several awards: Ambartgent Prize 2015, Windmann Art Prize 2016, as well as numerous scholarships and grants. Most recently, she published "Stickers" with BOMDIA Verlag in Berlin and her project promotion Barcelona Producció La Capella 2021 was awarded.






PNIK, pikaresk naive improvisational kiss, also pniK, or pNik or or...

Since 2014 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Admitted as a pnik, passed as a pnik this year in February as a graduate painter.

Painting without agony not possible, nevertheless cheerful.

Good morning, good day!





Tessa Dittmann


Tessa Dittmann combines experience in the hotel industry with a love of art & aesthetics. She is a career changer in the arts and uses the water motif as her guiding principle.




 Lina Rau


Amorphous design meets clear structures. This is how Lina Rau describes her art. Since completing her bachelor's degree in communication design, she has been working in the graphics department of the ARD Mediathek. The rest of her time she swaps digital for analogue design and devotes to her art.  Her main colours are copper, silver and gold, which run like a red thread through her paintings. So do the horizontal and vertical surfaces, which enter into a symbiosis with the abstract. The influence of her studies cannot be hidden.



Tornike Abuladze


The assistant of Thierry Boisel in the workshop for stained glass, light and mosaic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich worked in 2020 on the off-space projects Café Kosmos and at the ille Galerie in Munich. He impressed with solo exhibitions 'Durch Zeit und Raum' at Hospiz Polling and at GLS Bank in Berlin with the title 'Untitled'. The 'Birch Forest' can be found at the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof, among other places.