Digital Registration Form

ince 2021, only digital registration slips will be used at the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof.
Digital - Hygienic - Environmentally friendly - Efficient
Until your arrival, you have the option of filling out the digital registration form conveniently with
your own smartphone using the QR code. Simply switch on the camera function and focus the 
QR code with the camera. 
This saves you time, is more efficient and hygienic on arrival, and you do something good for the environment:

Click here for the digital registration form >

Tablets in each Room

There is an interactive tablet in each room.
Chat with the reception.
Book your table in the restaurant online.
Control your heating from the comfort of anywhere.
Personalise your minibar.
Surf the internet.
Make a phone call to another room.
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Intelligent Heating Control

Since 2020, the Seehotel Schlierseer Hof has integrate intelligent heating control system.
Your room will reach the perfect temperature by the time you arrive, and will adjust itself 
according to your wishes. 
If you want to change the temperature in your room, you can do so via your tablet, 
the digital thermostat or via reception.

What happens next

We have clear visions for the future and are actively planning the following digital enhancements:

 + Paperless reception area (invoices, reports, plans, offers, confirmations, brochures will be digitised).
+ Menus will be digitised
+ Bills will be paid online and from anywhere.
  • We will create a better guest experience for you at Seehotel Schlierseer Hof, keeping digitalisation and environmental thinking in mind. Look forward to it!
    Arian Röhrle
    Hotel Manager